Purchasing a Home: Why it’s Worth It

Buying property in Singapore has got to be one of the most stressful task in a person’s life. Some of the most immediate concerns that come to mind are finances, home requirements, future remodelling and a horrible worry about buying the wrong property.

Fret not, dear buyers, for things will get better. Initial hesitation all boils down to unfamiliarity. As long as you’ve done all the necessary preparations (e.g. calculating costs), you will most likely enjoy living in a place you can now call your own.

Still not convinced? There are a few more points below to illustrate why it’s worth investing in a home.

1. Ownership
At the end of the day, renting does not compare to having a house that you own. To be able to own a property is an achievement in itself and acts as an important milestone in life, both you and your parents will be comforted to know that you can now afford a home.

2. Personal Space
There’s a certain sense of freedom and liberation in being able to call it your home. Since it’s your personal space, why not decorate and style it in any way you want? Always dreamt of a beach themed home? Go for it. Home makeovers can also be done over the years in such a way that you’ll benefit from it.

3. Privacy
While renting might be convenient, there’s always a lack of privacy. Strangers move in and out periodically and you’re not allowed to do simple things like bringing your friends over. When you hit a certain age in life, it’s best to have some privacy for you and your family.

4. Stability
Stay connected with a group of neighbours over the years when you settle down. Make new friends and engage in various community activities to be a part of something bigger. This helps to create a stable lifestyle for you and your family to be in for years on end.

5. Value Appreciation
In a city like Singapore, it is unlikely for property prices to go down. Instead, you can be comforted by the fact that real estate has long term, stable growth. Resale prices are often at a good rate so there’s not much worries about finding a buyer in future.

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