The Perfect Wish list (Part 1)

Eyeing for a particular real estate but still not quite sure how to proceed? A first timer would be overwhelmed with the amount of information needed to consider.

Truth is, it is quite tough getting familiar with property lingo and complex details. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of property checklist you could possibly have, or add to your current one. These are just suggestions and can be further altered to suit your needs.

Some say that the location of a property is more important than the property itself. The fact that you will be living there for the next 10 to 30 years (or more) makes it even more of a priority to get a suitable spot. To determine what accounts for a good place, ask yourself these following questions:

How are the immediate surroundings like?
Existing building/environment factors right next to a property plays an important role because these are the things that you have to deal with every single day. If you’re a peace lover, you might want to refrain from a property with surroundings areas of development. Imagine the noise!

What kind of amenities do you need?
There’s a distinction between a need and a want. Although you might be tempted to get a property built next to a “future research hub”, there’s really no need unless you are actually a part of the research. Instead, look for more substantial features such as proximity to public transport, schools and shopping centres. Not to mention, an easily accessible property is always a plus for rental purposes.

Home Details
This would be more of a preferential list since everyone has different styles. However, it might still be useful and can be taken into consideration.

What kind of property type are you looking for? HDB, Condo or Landed property?

• What are your space requirements – small or something to fit a larger family?
1 Bedroom. 2 Bedrooms, Dual Key, Penthouse etc. New properties now have a wider selection and hybrids to choose from.

What sort of style are you looking for? High-end, simple or out of the box?
The architecture style of a property simply refers to how a building is built. The shape, size, number of blocks and inclusive facilities are something to consider.

How do you want your interior to be like?
The list is endless for this one. Many properties boost different interior designs – from designers ones to pop, retro, funky,… you get the idea. Just pick one that suits your need and personality and you’re good to go.

• Any special needs to meet?

To Be Continue

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