The Malaysian Question - To Invest or not to Invest?

In the property market, there are other choices compared to simply investing in Singaporean property – an alternate choice is buying property overseas. One of the most commonly chosen countries for such a decision happens to be our neighbouring country Malaysia. Perhaps this is due to its very close proximity, which means that with a simple 1 day drive, despite technically being overseas we can still make our way to view the property with our own eyes, compared to buying a property in a country like Britain.

Before you jump into this trend, it’s necessary to know exactly what you are getting into. Here are the pros and cons of investing in properties of Malaysia.

Pros: Cheaper. Indeed, Singapore properties have been known to be too expensive at times. The recent cooling measures put into place have caused the Singapore market to become not as hot as it used to be.

In comparison, for Malaysian Properties, if you calculate the prices, you get much more value per land in terms of $ to square foot. In addition, the property tax for Malaysian properties is only 1-4%, while in Singapore (with the cooling measures in place) it can go up to 5-10%

Cons: Risky. In the game of investment, when something seems hot, there is always a possibility of a collapse. If there are too many people rushing to invest in Malaysian property, this could lead to oversupply. It is unknown as to whether the potential of developments such as the Iskander Project will lead to future financial success or simply an expensive failure. Compared to a property in Singapore, Malaysian projects are a much more difficult choice.

To add to the controversy, many analysts believe that Malaysia might one day implement tougher restrictions and limitations on foreign investors. This will deal a huge blow to the market and create a loss of income overall. However, this might be countered by the fact that the Singapore dollars is a much stronger currency than the Malaysian Ringgit. Therefore Singaporeans still have an advantage in that regards.

Our final verdict is that Malaysian properties are available to more people due to its generally cheaper cost. However, you should expect to be in it for the long run if you wish to see a profit. If you are expecting to earn money by simply “flipping” a property, you should look elsewhere to invest instead.

We hope this has been helpful in letting you make more informed choices on which property to acquire. Looking to acquire some properties on the market? No problem, New Launch has the information that you need! Simply browse our website in order to learn more.

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