Renovation - A way to increase the attractive value of your property

Are you having trouble selling your house? Perhaps it is because it currently looks like a run-down, haunted mansion where ghost stories take place! Especially if you own but do not live in said property, it can be easy to neglect a house and have it fall into disrepair.

There are many reasons to call for a renovation. Maybe you just like to enjoy a much more luxurious lifestyle and that’s a perfectly valid reason to renovate. However, think of the longer run – a renovation can be a perfect opportunity to increase the value of your property, thus making it more attractive for sale!

Indeed, increases of value from 75% to even 100% from a good renovation project. However, not all renovation is that successful. There are certainly places to place more priority for the greatest increase rather than just renovating randomly. So which one do we suggest doing?

Kitchen: The first impression is the strongest, and most of the time, the first thing prospective buyers will see in your house is your kitchen. A lot of sales agent do their negotiation in the kitchen for a reason, and having a clean, sparkling new kitchen exudes a fresh feel to the house.

Bathroom: By its nature, Bathrooms tend to get dirty if not maintained, because that is where we take care of our hygiene and personal issues. Don’t let buyers be reminded of that! A brand new bathroom will give them the impression that the rest of the house will always be equally clean.

Interior Painting: Flaking paint, exposed walls, those give off the impression that the house is crumbling down like a half-eaten cake. Avoid that! Giving your house a new coat of paint is not that expensive, yet gives a huge return for its price1

We hope you are able to utilize this information to make your own properties more attractive for sale. Looking to acquire some properties on the market? No problem, New Launch has the information that you need! Simply browse our website in order to learn more.

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