Property Spotlight - Waterfront @ Faber.

Property hunters looking for a hot new Waterfront themed property to acquire, you’re in luck, the upcoming Waterfront @ Faber might be just what you need.

Developed by the famous World Class Developments (North) Pte Ltd Faber Walk (TBC) and the famous P&T Architects, Waterfront @ Faber is located facing SungeiUluPandan, thus providing a waterfront property by way of a river.

As the saying goes: “Water always finds a way.” Water is flexible, flowing from one place to another naturally. Perhaps this is what the designers were going for when they worked tirelessly to come up with the best visual design for Waterfront @ Faber that time and money could buy. That’s why it’s motto is “River Tranquility, City Vibrancy.” One look at the surroundings and you can tell that this is certainly the case.

Located near Jurong Lake District, its location gives it a big advantage. Tenants can enjoy the hub of entertainment, shopping and medicinal facilities while still having the advantage of living near Waterfront property! This makes it both scenic and practical – whether you are looking for entertainment, education or jobs, you will find that your needs have been thoroughly covered!

Waterfront @ Faber will have a 99 year leasehold. Its expected date of TOP is 15-Jul-18 and the expected legal completion date is 15-Jul-21.

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