Property - Landed vs Condo: The Pros and Cons

By far the top two most sought after properties are Landed Property and Condominiums. Both are prestigious to own, offering much comfort and luxury to those lucky enough to own one. If you have received either through inheritance, congratulations! You have it made!

However, the more common occurrence is that one only has money to buy one of them. In this case, which should you choose? A hard decision, don’t you agree? Here are some tips to help ease the pain of picking one.

Maintenance: Generally speaking, landed property are more “high maintenance” than its competition. You have to mow the grass, water flowers, clean up swimming pools and perform pest control… very troublesome! Meanwhile, a condominium generally has its own staff that will take care of these issues for you. For those whose lifestyles are already too hectic, we don’t recommend you take up Landed Properties.

Location: Condominiums have much better accessibility compared to Landed Property, which tends to be placed in more remote areas of the island. This is of course a double-edged swords: your neighbours will offer you security, peace of mind and companionship, but you may also have those who enjoy partying loudly and late into the night. With a landed property, those are distant troubles… however, the threat of burglary may be much more severe than simply late nights of “noise pollution.” The choice is up to you!

Rental: This one is easy. Condominiums rental are much higher than the ones for Landed Property. If you are seeking a property simply to rent out and have no plans to live in it at all, then we highly suggest you pick a Condo over Landed.

While we have given you all this information, remember that in the end you should follow what your heart says. New Launch hopes that this information will allow you to make better choices in your property investment decisions!

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