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As you can see, on New Launch Property, we have divided properties into which districts they belong to. As a general rule, the island is divided up into 28 districts.

However, are those just numbers to you? Which districts are more outstanding, more important compared to the rest? Let’s take a look at some of the more relevant ones to the property market.

District 9,10,11: Known as the “Prime District”, these districts are built around its proximity to Orchard Road and its surrounding and is very close to the Central Business District (CBD). This grants it unparalleled access to the vast amount of entertainment facilities in the Orchard area and many job opportunities. Therefore, it is highly valued and thus many Condominiums, landed housing and other such luxury properties tend to emerge in this district.

District 1 & 2: Together combined, these districts make up what is known as the CBD. Outside of having some popular tourist attractions such as the brightly coloured skyline at night, it is home to a number of important financial institutions such as banks and government offices. With its mix of modern skyscrapers and historical British-era buildings, it is a fantastic district for those who want to add a little history into their life.

District 21 & 23: These areas are under a new targeted development plans to facilitate the rise of more new “Prime Districts.” Expect to see many more interesting residential and business opportunities open up in these districts in the near future. The scenery is its biggest draw, offering an ocean of green and a serene, tranquil lifestyle for those who desire such relaxation.

We hope this has been helpful in letting you make more informed choices on which property to acquire. Looking to acquire some properties on the market? No problem, New Launch has the information that you need! Simply browse our website in order to learn more.

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