Cluster Housing - Pros and Cons

Cluster Housing is a recent trend that is growing in popularity. Some consider them a cross between Landed Property and Condominium. So are you asking yourself: “Why should I get a Cluster House property over one of the other two?” Well, there are certainly a couple of things to consider.

Cluster Housing are, as its name implies, a “cluster” of properties with a central common area that is overseen by a head management. That is where the comparison with condominiums come from: you are not owning the entire central area to yourself, just like how you don’t own a condominium’s included facilities all by yourself and have to “share” them. On the other hand, its appearance is more like landed properties than high-rise condominiums than we think of.

One could say that Cluster Housing’s strengths are also its biggest weakness. A Cluster Housing community is very tightly close knit: if you are a sociable person with a family who knows how to play well with others, a Cluster Housing allows your kids room to run around and interact with their neighbours. However, just one “nasty” neighbour might cause the community to crash if he plays loud music at night and otherwise inconveniences everyone else.

Like condominiums, Cluster Housing tends to come with shared utility and facilities such as BBQ Pits. Unfortunately, it is obvious that things are not free in life: you’ll have to foot the costs in maintenance fees. The good news is, you do not have to bear the burden alone! Obviously, the rest of the neighbourhood is also chipping to maintain those facilities.

So it all depends on how you look at things. If you do not use these facilities at all, then it can feel like you are being “ripped off” having to pay extra for no good reason but if you do plan on using them, then you can consider the maintenance cost to be cheaper than if you were to buy a single landed property and having to maintain your own BBQ Pit/Swimming Pool etc. Therefore, there are pros and cons to a Landed Property that one must consider before purchase.

We hope this post will be helpful in letting you decide on which kind of property to buy. Looking to acquire some cluster housing properties? No problem, New Launch has the information that you need! Simply browse our website in order to learn more.

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